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The Locomotive & Carriage Institution
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New and existing members:

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Apply online to join the Locomotive & Carriage Institution

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See which railway companies offer pay bill deductions to the Locomotive & Carriage Instruction (deduction each pay period)

Not a member yet?

If you work, or have retired from the railway industry and would be interested in furthering your knowledge of the rapidly-changing railway, why not consider joining us?

Alternatively if you do now work for the rail industry, but agree with our aims and objectives, please see notes below on Associate Membership.

Member's Benefits:

As a member of the Institution you get:

  Entry to all our Winter lectures on a wide variety of railway subjects;

 Costs of Membership:

Membership of the Locomotive & Carriage Institution costs just £13.00 per year for working members (or 25€ for European members) and £9.00 per year for those who have retired and are over 55.

How to Apply:

For those working for some Train Operating Companies, Network Rail, some Infrastructure Companies and Freightliner, deductions can be conveniently taken from your paybill automatically at the rate of 25p per week  - or, £1.00 per four weekly payslip.  However, not all railway companies offer this facility, please click paybill for further details.

If your company is listed and you wish to use this scheme, please tick the appropriate box on the membership application form and you do not need to enclose a cheque/postal order for membership.  A paybill deduction form will be sent to you when you join which should then be passed on to your Payroll / HR department.

(Aged 55 or over).  Membership costs just £9.00 per year for all those retired, payable by online for existing members at this link Pay Subs or by sending us a cheque or by paying the Membership Secretary in in person by cash or cheque at an Institution meeting or the Membership Sec. first to check that he will be there).

Apply for Membership

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We welcome membership from those not in the Railway Industry, as "Associate Members", provided you agree with the aims and objectives of the Institution. However, please note that we are not a 'train-spotters' club, rather an Institution whose aim is to increase the knowledge in all aspects of the railway industry through lectures and visits.  All associate membership is subject to approval by Locomotive & Carriage Institution Council.  Membership is at the same rate of 13 per year, or just 6 for those retired and aged 55 and over.

Associate Email

Please use this link to email the Membership Secretary with details of who you are and your address - an Associate Membership Form will then be sent to you in the post; please do not use the form on this web site to apply for membership.  Please also tell us of any existing Locomotive & Carriage Institution member whom you know who will be able to propose your membership, though this is not essential.

We welcome members from overseas.  For European Members the membership fee is 25€, which includes an allowance for overseas postage.   For those not in the UK or in a country with Euro currency, please contact the Membership Sec using button below with details on the country you are applying from and whether working or retired so that a membership fee can be agreed.  In all cases, if you are not able to pay in UK Pounds Sterling, please contact the Membership Sec. so that arrangements can be made.

Overseas Email

Please use this link to email the Membership Secretary with details of who you are and your address - for overseas membership of the Locomotive & Carriage Institution.  A membership application form will then be sent to you in the post; please do not use the form on this web site to apply for membership.  

All Prospective Members:

Important Note: By applying for membership you undertake that: 1; As a member I will not, without prior consent of any recognised railway undertaking, make or issue any statement (as a result of information obtained through the Institution( which is likely to be made public and which may damage their business. and 2; I do not object to my details being held in accordance with our General Data Protection Regulation Policy.

All membership applications are subject to approval by the Locomotive & Carriage Institution Council, therefore there maybe a small delay before we acknowledge your membership application.

If you have any other questions, please email the Membership Sec.