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The Locomotive & Carriage Institution
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Application for Membership

To the Locomotive & Carriage Institution

Please print this form using the "print" button on your browser.  You may fill out on your computer before printing, or print-out and fill in by pen.  Once complete, please send to:

Peter Lindop, Membership Secretary, 35 Fairacres, RUISLIP, Middlesex, HA4 8AN

With any remittance, see "Subscription Fees", below.

Note, if you do not work or have retired from the railway industry you will need to apply for associate membership, please contact the Membership Secretary.  Also contact the Membership Secretary if you wish to apply for membership outside the British Isles.

Current or former railway industry employment:

Personal details:

Subscription Fees: For working members the annual subscription is £13 per year, payable on the 1st April each year.  

Those joining between 1st October and 31st January in any year pay £6.50.  

Those joining between 1st February and 31st March pay £13 which covers membership to 31st March the following year.

If you work in the UK rail industry it is possible to have your subscription direct from your payable at the rate of 25p per week - a paybill form will be sent to you when you become a member and there is no need to send a cheque now.  Paybill deductions are available from most TOCs, Network Rail, WS Atkins and Freightliner.  Unfortunately other companies, such as DBS, no longer offer this facility to us.  

Membership fee for those retired, aged 55 and over, is £9 per year.

Method of Payment - active /retired:

By signing I undertake that: 1; As a member I will not, without prior consent of any recognised railway undertaking, make or issue any statement (as a result of information obtained through the Institution( which is likely to be made public and which may damage their business. and 2; I do not object to my details being held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For office use only:




M Pay:  PB