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Turnover is vanity, Profit is sanity - A return visit by John Smith of GB Railfreight 03/04/12

Crossrail - an account of the changes being made below the streets of London by Charles Devereux, Head of Operations, Crossrail 07/02/2012

A lecture on Network Rail Operations Centre by Tim Roberts of Network Rail 03/01/12

First Great Western - A talk on the First Great Western  by the Managing Director, Mark Hopwood.   The talk explained the First Great Western franchise, the problems which it has had the recent turnaround to win Train Operator of the Year Award in 2010  02/11/10

Tornado - A report on the lecture by building of Mark Allatt, Chairman A1 Locomotive Steam Trust on the building of new A1 Pacific, Tornado 02/03/10

London Overground - A report on the presentation given by Geoff Hobbs, Head of Strategy, Transport for London, London Rail 06/10/09

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch - Two and a Half Years on.  Andy Savage, Deputy Chief Inspector 06/05/08.

Railway Safety - What Does Society Expect? A lecture by John Cartledge, Safety Policy Adviser, Passenger Focus on 04/04/08

Lecture on BLS Lötschbergbahn AG by  the Institution's vice president Willi Frauenfelder. 22/04/04

An account of a lecture Dennis Lovett, Acting Director of Corporate Affairs from Virgin Trains, on the transformation of CrossCountry and WCML train services by Virgin Trains  05/11/02

Lecture on Channel Tunnel Rail Link by Bernard Gambrill , Head of Public Affairs, Union Railways.  07/05/02

Lecture on Open Access on GB Railfreight, by the Managing Director, John Smith esq.  04/12/01

Lecture on Silverlink Metro by the Director, C. Beaumont.  07/11/00.

Lecture on the introduction of the new Class 458 Juniper EMUs by the then Director of New Build at South West Trains. 04/04/00.

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