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The Locomotive & Carriage Institution
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Message to Members in The 1940 Year Book:

Vice President's Message:

The receipt of your invitation to become a Vice-President of the Locomotive and Carriage Institution of Great Britain and Ireland has given me much pleasure, and I gladly accept the same, as I am keenly interested in organisations of this kind and feel sure that they are of considerable benefit in many ways.

Please accept my best wishes for what I hope will be a successful year, in spite of the difficult days ahead.

E.J. Missenden, Esq.,

General Manager, Southern Railway

Vice President's Message:

The Council and Members wish our Vice-President every success.  May he have good health to enable him to carry on the New Duties which is so important to our Dear Old Country and ultimate Victory.

Gilbert S. Szlumper, Esq., C.B.E

Director General of Transport

President's Message to Members:

At this season I would like to convey to the members of the Institution my very sincere good wishes for a prosperous New Year.  Circumstances during the year now closed have made it impossible for some of the activities of the Institution to be carried out.  It is probable that the ensuing year will see a continuance of these difficulties.  At such times the loyalty of members to the institution tends to be strained by lack of contact amongst them, but I have no doubt that we shall all be ready to renew our activities without any loss of enthusiasm as soon as circumstances permit. I am sure, too that the members of this Institution will face their duties, whatever they may lie or may become, with the same steadfastness and competence that so long have characterised them, and that each member will do his part in the difficult task that lies before our county.

W.S. Graff Baker , Esq. A.C.G.I., B. SC., M.INST.T.,M.INST.L.E.

Chief Mechanical Engineer (Railways) L.P.T.B.