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The troubled history and the future plans for the Berlin S-Bahn by the 2nd Operating Manager. March 1997 Newsletter.

An account of the only 0-10-0 tender engine to run in the UK, "Big Bertha" which banked trains over the Lickey Incline for 36 years.

A history of the almost 280 British diesel and electric locomotives which have worked abroad

"Faster than you think....." an article by Peter Knottley, long-time contributor to the Locomotive and Carriage Institution, on a run by Clan Line down the South Western Main Line.  From the December 2001 Newsletter.

The History of Corkerhill Depot, Glasgow.  June 1997 Newsletter

An account of the Puttgarden (Germany) to Rødby in Denmark Train Ferry, one of only three train ferries left in Europe

Dr M.C. Duffy's history of diesel traction on the railways from the turn-of the last century to the present day.

Extensive article on the resignalling of the London Underground East London Line, detailing the signalling systems both before and after the upgrading of this line.   1999

The Worldwide development of electric locomotives in the 20th Century from the 1900s to the present day

Details of the diesel locomotives names after castles by the modern-day GWR

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