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London Overground - A report on the presentation given by Geoff Hobbs, Head of Strategy, Transport for London, London Rail 06/10/09

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch - Two and a Half Years on.  Andy Savage, Deputy Chief Inspector 06/05/08.

Railway Safety - What Does Society Expect? A lecture by John Cartledge, Safety Policy Adviser, Passenger Focus on 04/04/08

Lecture on BLS Lötschbergbahn AG by  the Institution's vice president Willi Frauenfelder. 22/04/04

An account of a lecture Dennis Lovett, Acting Director of Corporate Affairs from Virgin Trains, on the transformation of CrossCountry and WCML train services by Virgin Trains  05/11/02

Lecture on Channel Tunnel Rail Link by Bernard Gambrill , Head of Public Affairs, Union Railways.  07/05/02

Lecture on Open Access on GB Railfreight, by the Managing Director, John Smith esq.  04/12/01

Lecture on Silverlink Metro by the Director, C. Beaumont.  07/11/00.

Lecture on the introduction of the new Class 458 Juniper EMUs by the then Director of New Build at South West Trains. 04/04/00.

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Lectures - Between 2000 and 2009

Accounts of the winter Locomotive & Carriage Institution Lectures in date order (most recent first) between 2000 and 2009.