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An article, with pictures, on the Hamburg S-Bahn by the Assistant Operating Director. December 2001 Newsletter

Dr M.C. Duffy's very extensive discussion on the development of high speed railways around the world from the end of the 19th century to the present day.  

The modernisation of British Rail - from one man ‘s viewpoint - and the effect it had on the staff involved.  First of a four-part article (subsequent sections access via this page)

An account of the Performance - Impact Monitoring System introduced by Network SouthEast.  Written in January 1991 (never previously published in a Newsletter).

Dr M.C. Duffy's history of Railway Mechanics to examine the mechanical properties and behaviour of railway systems

History of the Railways of Malta and what can be seen today.  First appeared in 1999.

An account by Malcom Plym of a 430km/h trip on the Shanghai Maglev during September 2017

Signalling & Communications in the 21st Century - A comprehensive article plotting the history & future developments of railway signalling around the world by Anthony C. Howker,

The Worldwide development of steam locomotives in the 20th Century from the 1900s to the present day

The story of the Vennbahn, the world’s only railway that belonged to one country, yet was inside another

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