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The Locomotive & Carriage Institution
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Past & Present Presidents Members and Acquaintances of the Locomotive & Carriage Institution
Presidents John Doyle Brian Drummond Michael Duffy  Richard Hardy Bert Hooker Peter Knottley T.C.B Millar Alan Spencer

List of all present and previous Locomotive & Carriage Institution Presidents

The career of our current president, General Manager of the Jubilee Line, John Doyle

An account of the retirement of Brian 'Percy' Drummond and the naming of 313 116 Nikola Tesla

Dr Michael Duffy - in memoriam.  Dr Duffy, organised a number of seminars with the L&CI in the 1990s. and was past president of the Newcomen Society

Hard Lessons Learnt in a Railway Life - the railway career of Richard Hardy

A tribute to Institution member and well-known driver, Bert Hooker

Obituary to Peter Knottley - enthusiastic supporter and contributor to the L&CI

An obituary to Mr T.C.B. Miller MBE, past president of the L&CI and the driving force behind the development of the British Rail HST

Alan Spencer - A Life on the Rails.  A history of the long railway career of our Chairman, Alan Spencer.