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Minutes of the 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING


AGM open at 11:35

1. Apologies for absence:

H Gillott, B Holyland, P Norrell, M Hilton, G Waite, B Lejune, D Taylor, J Self, P Scott, J Barratt.

2. Attendees:

A Hughes, A Spencer, K Sykes, P Lindop, J Doyle, M Cresswell, J Short, B Drummond, M Foster, B Tipping, P Gumbrell, N Agnew, S Smith, C Brazier, T Chaffin, B Knibbs, I Johnstone, M Pym, G Tingey

3. Chairman’s Welcome.

Chairman welcomed all persons to the Mill Hey and reminded all that the AGM would be for 1 Hour. He also stated that it is the furthest north we had been for an AGM and advised that tight timings would be the order of the day due to visits to the Loco Shed and return KWVR train ride to Keighley.

4. Presentation of 2018 minutes

 Accepted by N Agnew and seconded by P Gumbrell.

5. Matters arising.

 Tom Chaffins name was omitted from the 2018 notes. To be added.

6. Secretary’s report.

Secretary advised the AGM that we had a good year with all speakers’ positions covered albeit at last knockings. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get replies from letters and E mails sent. The secretary had also had some domestic problems and also with his own health which involved several trip to the Eye Clinics and his wife’s serious accident last April.

Secretary advised that he was relinquishing his position as secretary forthwith due to ongoing situations at home.

A position of organiser for speakers and visits was offered . The assistant secretary and Chairman to cover the Secretary’s position if no one put themselves forward.

7. Treasurers report.

An anomaly was found in the accounts which when scrutinised was sorted out. Invoices from printers were very slow in being sent out. Treasurer had to transfer monies from savings to pay some invoices for promotional material which had been the biggest costs. Speakers expenses and meeting room costs were very low, so we still have a healthy budget and we are able to run without increases to subscriptions.  

8. Independent Financial Examiners Report

Martin Cresswell and Martin Hilton had audited the books which were found in order and advised that the L&CI was viable for another couple of years.

9. Membership Secretary’s Report :

To date there are 257 members in total with 4 new members advised at the meeting.

Discussion too place over advertising the L&CI . Costs via the ASLEF newspaper  were prohibitive. A small article was printed in PENFRIEND the pensions newsletter and to date only one contact had been made to the L&CI.

The BLS was suggested to advertise and the SLS who are in the same position as the L&CI wish to make contact . The Chairman would deal with this. It was pointed out that % of associate members must not be increased above the level allowed.

10. Newsletter Editors Report . .

 Stuart Smith advised that he had not received the last 2 invoices for the Newsletter .

 He is looking for another Printer to carry out the work.

Stuart also requested photos and articles be sent for inclusion in further newsletters.

11. Web Managers’ Report.

 Membership forms are now on line and the site is not encrypted .

Archive material will be added when found. It was suggested the website now makes good reading.

12. Rule Changes:


13. Election of Officers:

 President:  John Doyle.

    Proposed C Brazier . Seconded  M Pym

    Unanimous decision.


 Vice Presidents:   Nick Agnew  & Mark Hopwood

    Proposed Ian Johnstone , Seconded Bernie Knibbs.

    Unanimous decision.

 Chairman:  Alan spencer.

    Proposed M Pym  Seconded  Jacob Short

    Unanimous decision

 Vice Chairman Paul Gumbrell

    Proposed Bernie Tipping, Seconded   Alan Hughes.

    Unanimous decision.

 Secretary:  No proposals.

    Vice Secretary and Chairman will cover the role as best they can.

    Malcolm Pym will arrange speakers and visits (See below).

An EGM to be arranged before the September meeting to ratify the situation

    Proposed C Brazier , Seconded B Knibbs

    Unanimous decision.



Secretary ;    Alan Hughes

    Proposed C Brazier , Seconded I Johnstone

Unanimous decision

 Organising Officer; M Pym,

    Proposed G Tingey, Seconded B Tipping.

    Unanimous decision.

 Treasurer;   Colin Brazier

    Proposed Nick Agnew , seconded M Pym.


Secretary;    Peter Lindop;

      Proposed B Knibbs, Seconded T Chaffin.

    Unanimous decision

 Newsletter Editor;   Stuart Smith.

    Proposed A Hughes , Seconded B Drummond.

 Web Manager ;   Tom Chaffin

    Proposed M Pym, Seconded Alan Hughes.

 Sales Manager; J Short

    Proposed N Agnew , Seconded M Pym

14. Election of Council

Members.  G Waite had resigned

B Drummond

M Foster

H Gillott

B Tipping

Proposed  S Smith  N Pym.

Unanimous  decision.

14 AOB