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The Locomotive & Carriage Institution

founded 1911
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Welcome to The Locomotive & Carriage Institution

For those interested in the railway industry everywhere

Providing lectures and visits on all aspects of the railway industry

The Locomotive & Carriage arranges lectures and visits on all aspects of the railway industry through a regular programme of lectures and seminars in London as well as UK and overseas visits to operational railway installations.

The Locomotive & Carriage Institution website.

We are pleased to announce that we shortly going to launch a brand new website, offering improved, clarity, navigation, quicker loading speed and new features.  The bugs which prevent this site displaying on many modern browsers will hopefully be thing of the past. A mobile version, designed for hand-held devices, will follow.

Update 04/06/14 - due to the size of the task it is taking a bit longer than hopped to create the new website.  Of the approximately 135 pages on the website, 40 remain to be completed.

The Institution was founded in 1911 and was then known as the Institution of Locomotive Inspectors and Foreman. Our present title was adopted in 1931.  Since then we have continued to provide a knowledge of and interest in all aspects of the railway industry. Whilst based in Britain, we also have members in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland.

If you are new to us, please browse around this web site to see what we are about, what lectures and trips we have planned, view our archives of previous trips and if all that tempts you, apply for membership.

If you are an existing member  please use this site to check up on what's on, read our extensive archives, contact the Membership Secretary with any changes, buy discounted books and Ian Allan magazine subscriptions and keep in touch with other members via "Members News".  An A to Z index is available to aid navigation around this site.

Lecture programme for 2014 - 2015 now almost finalised - see lectures below... Speakers include Chris Green on Network SouthEast....

Lectures 2014-2015 Lectures 2014-15
Events Calendar
Events Calendar

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