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E.G.M. 2021 The Rail Operations Group Boardroom, Wyvern House, Derby Saturday 18th September 2021

Join us for our Extraordinary General Meeting, 2021.

CHANGE OF VENUE - Meeting is now being held in the Rail Operations Group Boardroom at Wyvern House, Derby,  DE1 2RU.

Wyvern House is a short walk from Derby station:

Exit Derby station by the main entrance, turn right past and walk past the car park and then go through the archway on the right.  The go right and right again to Wyvern House reception.  Sign in at reception and then go up to the Rail Operations Group Boardroom on the second floor.  The boardroom is the first room on the left at the top of the stairs.


Due to Covid-19 Possible Restrictions there will be a limit of 30 persons. Social Distancing may still be in operation.  If social distancing restrictions are relaxed prior to the E.G.M., it may be possible to increase numbers.


The Institution Council have agreed that the Institution will subsidise part of the cost per member, so we are pleased to offer a price of just £5.00 per person, including tea and coffee on arrival and a lunch of a hearty beef strew and a buffet (including vegetarian options) and the presentation by Karl Watts.

Members can also attend the E.G.M. for free, without the morning refreshments, lunch or presentation  

See below for details of National Rail fares to Derby for those without free travel / use of an educational free pass.


We are unable to accept ‘walk-up’ bookings on the day - please book in advance whether booking the full package of lunch and presentation or free for the E.G.M. only.

We are pleased to accept online payments, using a debit or credit card.  To book online, please click the button below and fill in your details. You will be sent a confirmation email as your receipt and ticket.  You can also book tickets for up to three other members as well as free tickets if you do not require the lunch and presentation.

Book EGM 2021

Educational Free Pass

This is an educational visit, so those members with protected (safeguarded) travel facilities can apply for an educational free pass.  Please see: Free Pass for further information.

The free pass ticket should be from your home station to Derby.

AGM Agenda

  1. Apologies for Absence;
  2. Chairman’s Welcome;
  3. Report from Institution Secretary;
  4. Report from Treasurer;
  5. Report from Independent Financial Examiners;
  6. Report from Membership Secretary;
  7. Report from Newsletter Editor;
  8. Report from Web Manager;
  9. Rule Changes

1. Current Rules 19 – 23 be renumbered to 20 – 24.

2. New Rule 19 inserted. Meetings:

a) Council Meetings and Presentations will be held at venues or online in accordance with restrictions (i.e. Covid-19).

b) When, due to restrictions (i.e. Covid-19), meetings cannot take place in the usual venue(s), the Chairman and Secretary are authorised to set up (via the Web-Manager), any online Meetings/Presentations as and when required

3. Rule 22. Conduct:

Current sub-clause ‘d’, to be re titled to sub-clause ‘e’.

A new Clause ‘d’ inserted:

If a member is removed from the L&C.I by expulsion, no refund of outstanding membership fees will be paid.

  1. To agree a venue for the 2022 AGM (to be held in May 2022)
  2. Any Other Business

Travel to Derby

Suggested trains to and from Derby.  

Whilst the platforms numbers are those booked, always check on station customer information systems or online apps at the station before boarding a train as the platform may change at short-notice.

For time from other stations, please visit: National Rail Enquiries

Train Tickets to Derby

For those not able to use an educational free pass (see above),

The cheapest advertised ticket on the above trains is an Super Off-Peak Return for £69.50 or £44.20 with a valid railcard.  This ticket is valid on any train to and from Derby on this day, allowing some flexibility.

The combined cost of advance tickets for the 09.32 from St Pancras and 16.33 return cost more than the Super Off-Peak return, so are not worthwhile. At the time of writing, it is possible to save £3 by travelling on the 09.02 from St Pancras (arrive Derby 10.27) which has an advance fare of £41 with the 16.33 return advance fare being £25.00 making a total of £66.50.  However, as with all advance fares, these tickets must be used on the booked trains.

Book at: East Midlands Railway

DO NOT use theTrainline or similar sites as you will be charged additional booking fees and will pay more than when booking with a UK rail operator.  

It is generally best to book tickets with the rail operator you are travelling with - this also makes things easier if anything goes wrong as you will have a direct contract with the operator without an intermediary being involved.

St Pancras International





East Midlands Railway










East Midlands Railway

St Pancras International